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It really has been an honour to work with you over the past couple of years, I have learned a lot and it has helped to change my attitude towards H&S. thank you for your support, friendship and encouragement.

The influence Chad has on the people he coaches stretches way beyond work

  • To take IIF workshops to Russia, Czech Republic, and Poland and have the effect that he has had speaks volumes for his professionalism. His influence to these far flung parts of BLL is already having an effect
  • To share leading a workshop with Chad has had a marked effect on how I do my job. I have worked in safety for 30 years and he has changed my approach by changing my perception
  • His explanation of the various distinctions has opened up a whole new approach for me

Malcolm McIntyre CFIOSH

"I was lucky to be invited by Chad to one of his behavioural safety (and beyond) seminars. Chad held my attention throughout (which is a feat in itself!). He is an accomplished and passionate speaker who draws on an array of life and business experience in the pursuance of understanding why we do things the way we do. His techniques will not only save businesses time and money, but his holistic approach aims to improve the way we live and relate to others. I have no hesitation in endorsing Chad and I wish him the very best for the future."

Dave Stevenson, Director of Health, Safety and Procurement Services, Land Securities was with another company when working with Chad at Chad Lilley Int Ltd

"I enjoyed working with Chad on the Wyeth Biotech project in Dublin. His commitment and enthusiam for the health and safety of the workforce was infectious and I know he made a difference to the hearts and minds of those under his supervision. Bernard Kealey"

Bernard Kealey , Student , The University of Glamorgan

"Chad was a great exponent and supporter of driving a safety cultural change programme across the organisation both when it was in its infancy and later when it needed re-energising. I found him innovative, talented and committed to working with people to help them find their way."

Roger Whittaker, Senior Executive, Bovis Lend Lease

"I am pleased to endorse Chad Lilley in his role as a behavioural safety specialist. Chad and I worked together at Bovis Lend Lease, to implement our incident and injury free initiative across our Eastern European division. Chad clearly knows how to explain difficult and challenging concepts to others from different cultural backgrounds to get positive, motivated, contributions from all his audience."

Peter Titus, Regional Director, Bovis Lend Lease

"Chad was always dedicated and professional in his approach and the workshops he led were a great success."

Phil Howard, Operations Director - UK South , Bovis Lend Lease

"Chad is thoroughly professional, limitless in terms of his innovation and as well as keeping close attention to industry best practice, regularly introduces interesting new techniques in behavioural safety. I am happy to recommend him."

Max Hillman, Managing Director, Sambecketts

"Chad is a dedicated professional who specialises in behavioural and people based safety solutions. He understands the need for a balanced and holistic approach when it comes to managing safety, and his non confrontational and more supportive style enables executives and managers to embrace and run with safety. Chad is a skilled coach and through his coaching and mentoring people are allowed to grow and develop their own relationship to safety and ultimately put themselves in a position to lead in safety. I therefore have no hesitations in recommending Chad as someone who can help you embed safety into your organisation without feeling like you have to turn the organisation on its head to do so."

Brian Long , Regional Head of Health & Safety for the EMEA region , Bovis Lend Lease

"Chad Lilley always demonstrated excellent comunication skills matched with a clear thought process of developing ways and means of making people 'sit up' and listen to him."

Dick Boorman , Head of Internal H&S Audit [UK] , Bovis Lend Lease

Dear Chad,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I first met Chad Lilly when he was instructing me as an Incident and Injury Free Trainer.

Chad's passion for IIF combined with his accompanying skills with NLP and expert presentation, made a difficult subject, very enjoyable.

I can honestly say, Chad shifted my paradigm of Health and Safety in the workplace. My life is richer for it, hopeful that I may have helped my co-workers welfare along the way.

I would highly recommend using one of his courses for your company."

  • Year first hired: 2007 - Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

It has been my pleasure to attend a number of courses with Chad, both as a participant and a co-leader. Chad has a fantastic talent for communicating with people at all levels of an organisation. His ability to make information relevant and personal has profoundly impacted the Bovis Lend Lease businesses. We would never have had the success we have had if it wasn't for Chad's drive, enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring people "get it". I wish Chad all the best in his new endeavours and have no doubts that his future courses will be informing, entertaining and will change the lives of his participants for the better.

Darren Hill, Bovis Lend Lease

This to me was a total new experience to workshops, previous workshops I have more or less forgotten what the message was. I could never forget todays messages it was installed in me like a programme to a PC. How?

The way it was conveyed to me in an eye opening way, what was discussed was both interesting and educational.

The attitude and idea of changing your perception. I agree with your basic on life and am glad to see Babcock's putting this training together, it has changed my perception of the company.

Samuel Bisset

The whole approach of the presenter has made me question all or most of my values and attitudes. Not just in a work situation, but in all other aspects of your life. Very inspirational - I only hope I can put it into practise starting today.


Sorry to see you go and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Your attitude and personality have been inspirational and the company loses a great asset. Every time you've been round to Chiswick you have enlightened the project team with your experience and skills and if we can just implement a small part of what you have given us we will be leaders in IIF.

Hope to see you again some time and good luck with everything you do. Let me know how it goes...



Alexander W. Dietrich, MCIOB MSc Dipl-Ing Arch, Project Director Chiswick Park Building 4, Bovis Lend Lease Ltd

Chad Lilley

For the last 10 years I have been working in the construction industry as a safety advisor/manager. It is now October 2006 and for the last six months I have been working within a company that is firmly committed to an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) working environment. This is a behavioural based safety programme. Chad's training style and interesting content explains the ideas & concepts of IIF. Safety becomes personal.

IIF becomes understandable, motivating and fun. People leave his training in an upbeat mood and are motivated. People talk about safety, listen and take actions to make the workplace safer as a result. I personally will be keeping in contact with Chad. He has also provided support after training and has helped me to become a more competent trainer and leader of Incident and Injury Free.

Don Howat, Defence Sector EHS Manager.

Having attended one of Chad's training courses, I found his training techniques to be superb. I found his personality and methodologies completing engaging and he was able to convey the subject matter in clear and entertaining manner

Dominic Devoy | Recruitment Manager | Bovis Lend Lease
T 0208 271 8418 | 0208 271 8516 | M 07738 311 997
142 Northolt Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 0EE

I attended a week long training session with Chad Lilley as the facilitator, for the BovisLendlease IIF training programme. ( IIF stands for Incident and injury Free ) This programme is designed to enable people to train up Supervisors of Bovis and their Sub-Contractors, so that the IIF message can be spread throughout the projects.

Chad's style of presentation brought a fresh approach to this subject (having attended previous courses ! ) with his enthusiasm , relaxed manner, thorough knowledge of the subject matter and his ability to get the whole class involved and participating as partners not prisoners.

David Maile, Building Services Manager, Bovis LendLease


All the best for the future with you and your family.

Make sure you keep in touch and when you're earning millions I'll come and work for you!

You have given me the impetus to try and make a difference my self. The way you have embraced the IIF philosophy and your passion for the subject make it hard for anyone not to be infected by it. I commend you for the way you've developed yourself to the benefit of IIF not only in improving your delivery but providing different facets around the subject, such as your NLP, it makes the whole thing twice as interesting than it would otherwise have been and allows participants to understand even more deeply then they would normally. You make the subject exciting and bring life to it which in turn stimulates me to strive to meet your standards....

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and knowing you, hopefully through your training I can now make a difference to others just as you have to me.

Thanks and all the best again


Philippe Tait | Commercial Manager | Bovis Lend Lease
T +44 (0) 20 8636 4015 | M +44 (0) 7968 527 761
ChiswickPark, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YA, United Kingdom

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